Between Life and Land: Crisis

Kimball Arts Center

21 July – 29 oct 2023

About the Exhibition

In the face of our global climate crisis and tensions around the exploitation or pollution of our planet’s precious resources, the artists in the third chapter of Between Life and Land are compelled to respond to pressing environmental issues. Twelve artists and artist collectives reflect on our rapidly shifting relationships to bodies of land and water, revealing stories of both trauma and healing. Here, artists find hope in participatory engagement, education, and mindfulness. During a critical moment in human history, their work facilitates public reflection and dialogue, demonstrating the vital role that art plays in mobilizing communities to transform our present and preserve our future.

Between Life and Land is a three-part exhibition series examining our relationship to land through the lens of more than 30 artists. Each exhibition in the series explores a singular theme to bring a deeper understanding of how this relationship has formed, evolved, and today continues to change.


Artists include Ackroyd & Harvey, Lani Asunción, Tiana Birrell, Lily Brooks, Desert ArtLAB, John Grade, Beth Krensky, Meditation Ocean Constellation, Postcommodity, Gabriela Salazar, and Wendy Wischer.

Into Blue

Ackroyd & Harvey 2016

Twin screen film
Sound composition Graeme Miller
Camera Ackroyd & Harvey / Kenya; Rupert Eden / Portugal
Edit Dan Saul
Captions Ricardo Sleiman
Commissioned by the University of Cambridge for the official opening of The David Attenborough Building in Cambridge, UK.

Kenya Safari coordinated by Hilary Sommerlatte, Arbor Oils of Africa. With special thanks to John Fanshawe at the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), Anastasia Timoshyna FairWild/TRAFFIC, Hilary & Malte Sommerlatte, Abdi Aziz Ali Leruk, Pauline Lemalaisa, Dan Lekorere, Amina, Dino J. Martins and all the gum collectors from the Samburu tribe in Sereolippi and South Horr, Kenya.

Portugal filming coordinated by Rupert and Peter Eden.
With special thanks to Will Simonson at CCI and Eduardo Santos, Liga Para A Protecção Da Natureza (LPN)