Covid-19 Life in the home lane

Posted: 2 April 2020

Ecological economics in the time of coronavirus

Email from Dan Gretton, author of the Desk Killers

Dear Friends,

In such difficult times it might seem counter-intuitive to want to engage in an even grimmer subject than the virus, but here goes – at the very least it could be an interesting distraction! 
I did the attached interview for Renegade Inc. last month and it’s going out on RT this evening (at 21.30 – freeview channel 234). A helleva challenge to get 1,000 page book down to 28 minutes, but I think they’ve done a pretty good job (leaving aside the rather silly music!)… 
It’s also (apparently) on YouTube, Facebook and other media –  and there are also short clips introducing the concept of the ‘schreibtisctaeter’ and the issue of ‘looking away’, which I’m also attaching below. 
Please distribute to all your networks as widely as you can –  and would also be great to hear what you made of it,
Hope you’re all keeping well,
x Dan

Warning: This is a tough read.