Galway Arts Festival, 1993

FORCEFIELD experimented with the four key elements of seed, clay, water and light to create a massive atmospheric installation where people could witness the growth and ever transforming presence of nature.

In the interior of a deserted grain storage warehouse, the shadow of a dead elm tree and a garden shed were cast onto growing walls of grass. Where the shadows fell, the grass grew but produced no chlorophyll and so remained a light yellow colour, whilst the surrounding grass that received direct light became green. The whole of the floor area was flooded with blackened water and a wooden walkway constructed to allow the audience entry into the environment. The light system worked in three overlapping phases; the projected light, which cast the shadow; a general light revealing the yellow imprint, and finally a dark state which allowed the audience to witness the movement of natural light in the building.

Commissioned and presented by the Galway Arts Festival at McDonagh’s Warehouse, Nun’s Island, Ireland

Funded by Arts Council, FAS, Galway Corporation & County Council, British Council

Sound composed by Graeme Miller