Estuary Festival 2021 22 May - 13 June

Ackroyd & Harvey bring the spirit of rebellion to Wat Tyler Country Park in respect of the place that seeded a peasant revolt over six hundred years ago, and in recognition of the growing movements worldwide that are declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

From the starting point of Wat Tyler Country Park, three performers walk various routes across the estuary, pulling a horse-drawn trap on which is mounted one of Ackroyd & Harvey’s iconic grass photographs depicting a portrait of a rebel.  At stopping points along the route, the three pitch camp and make their case for rebellion – from the court dock, from the earth and from the streets. REBEL performers are Valerie Antwi, James McGregor and Venice van Somerten.

For this new art-performance work the artists have created a partnership with Writers Rebel. Texts are courtesy of Iggy Fox, Jay Griffiths and Susana Medina.

Link to REBEL Film by Andy Delaney commissioned by Estuary Festival 2021