Reversing Fields

Hammoniale Festival der Frauen, Hamburg 1995

An image of alternating black and white lines reflected in a still pool and disturbed by a single drop of water was projected onto a huge wall seeded with grass. The floor of the space was flooded with black water, reflecting the vertical image.

A computerised lighting board was used throughout the exhibition to create a continual flow and ebb between the negative projected image and the positive imprint in the grass. The effect became extremely optical and disorientating as it shifted from negative to positive. A single drop of water repeatedly falling into the pool was amplified using an underwater microphone. The exhibition was opened to the public at a point where the grass was twelve days old, and photosynthesis had been occurring only for fifteen hours. The process was an integral part of the piece. Over the course of the twelve-day exhibition, the image imprinting in the grass became increasingly visible.

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