White House


World Expo 2005
Aichi, Nagoya, Japan
The UK Pavilion Garden
Gypsum plaster, slate, bleeder hose-pipe and water
Dimensions: 1350mm x 815mm x 1250mm

“Taking the form of a primitive hut or shrine, the sculpture is subject to the continual slow dripping of water; the work observes the relentless power of water eroding a seemingly solid form. Our world appears increasingly subjected to devastating rains and floods; water shapes our landscape, feeds and fertilises the land but with growing intensity threatens to consume our houses.”

The expo opened in April 2005 and ran until September 2005, under the theme of ‘Natures Wisdom’.

The UK Pavilion comprised of an internal exhibition celebrating scientific innovation and an external exhibition zone that examines the human effect on the natural world. To enable this examination the external zone formed a setting for a sequence of special artworks by leading UK artists; Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, Richard Deacon, Anya Gallaccio, Cornelia Parker, Susan Derges, Stefan Gee, John Riddy, Ross Sinclair, Richard Woods, and Catherine Yass. Each artist had been set an ecological theme to inspire their piece, for instance, deforestation and river pollution.

The external garden also functioned as an interactive queuing space capturing the spirit of a wild British Woodland. Densely planted Lime trees enhanced the impact of the woodland, providing welcome shade and dappled sunlight. The trees were underplanted with a sequence of seasonal flora displays of native British species; Daffodils, Blue Bells, Foxgloves, Angelic, Ferns.