Beuys’ Acorns

2007 - onwards

Changing Landscapes
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
9 March – 28 July 2013
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Considering Landscapes
22 March 2013
6 June 2013
Discussion about issues arising from Beuys’ Acorns

Festival of the World
Southbank Centre, London
(Mezzanine Terrace, Queen Elizabeth Hall)
1 June – 9 September 2012
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Public Address – Monday 25 June 2012
Ackroyd & Harvey will be giving a public address as part of the Festival of the World Summit: Art Will Change The World
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In-conversation – Sunday 8 July 2012
A series of ‘in-conversations’ between the artists and invited guests
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Beuys’ Acorns at the Festival of the World is made possible by the support of:
Kristina Borjesson
Barcham Trees
Ockley Court Nurseries
Willerby Landscapes
UCL Environment Institute

In 2007, Ackroyd & Harvey gathered and germinated hundreds of acorns from renowned artist Joseph Beuys’s seminal artwork 7000 Oaks in Germany, and in doing so began a new long term research project.

Beuys’s Acorns explores the agency of ideas associated with the provenance of the trees, and provokes questions as to the artists relationship with nature, the changing climate and collapsing economic order. Beuys had a mission. To change the social order. Mostly the money system. Ackroyd & Harvey ask what the legacy of Beuys’s mission is given the climate of ecological and economic degradation at the beginning of the 21st century.

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